Waiters/Waitresses: 6 Ways to Reduce your Tips (Don’t do these)

We have all been there.  The food has just been delivered and it looks great. Suddenly you realize there are no forks on the table, and the waitress is no where to be found.  So you get up to see if you can find a fork of your own, but you pass by the exit and notice that your waitress is out having a cigarette. Shouldn’t she have checked with us before heading on break?  Ugh.  Check out these Must NOT Do’s for Waiters and Waitresses.

  1. Take a break right after you have served your customers. It is important to check with your customers within 3 minutes after they receive their food to make sure everything is cooked correctly or if they need anything else like ketchup.
  2. Ignore your table or be obsessively attentive. You want to keep an eye on your table to make sure that they’re not trying to get your attention and they need something. If you are serving the next table and you walk by your table, make sure you at least glance at them to make sure they’re not trying to get your attention.  It is always a surprise to me when our waitress walks right by my table and does not even look our way.
  3. Share your bad mood with your customers. No complaining allowed.  Don’t whine about your situation, maybe being a divorced mom of three working two jobs, etc.  Be extra friendly and less personal at the exact same time.
  4. Leave your customers without something to drink with their food. Keep a close eye on those drinks as they are eating their food to see if they need drink refills.
  5. Tell you customers you will be back in a minute and then don’t, because there is nothing worse than telling somebody you’ll be back in a couple of minutes and show up 10 minutes later.
  6. Take everything personally. You may think you have done an excellent job for one customer and receive a very small tip, but just shrug it off until blended impact your attitude as you’re serving your other customers, as it may have unintended consequences of negatively impacting subsequent tips.

Not to be negative, but we have a great article in this same blog on the top 10 tips to make sure you get better tips.  Its worth a read.

IMAGE NOTE: The image is from the Condom Restaurant located somewhere in Europe.

Waiters/Waitress: 10 ways to Improve your Tips

Providing great service does not guarantee the people you are waiting on will give you a good tip, but if you focus on improving your skills, you will have more people that reward you with bigger tips.  Here is a list of some easy things to do to raise your game:

  1. Memorize the specials of the day so you can repeat them without hesitation. Avoid reading the specials or struggling to remember them. If you can expand on how the specials are prepared it will add to your ability to sell them.  Consider asking your customers if they want to hear particular specials.  We have a lamb special, do you want to hear about it?
  2. Always try to upsell your customers by suggesting items without being pushy or obvious. When they are ordering, suggest a nice bottle of wine, an appetizer or dessert that would go with their entrée choice.
  3. Show enthusiasm to your customers especially when reading and specials and highlight which ones seem to be the favorites, and you can personalize it by telling him which one is your favor, or just indicate which one customers seem to be buying.
  4. Double check your orders to make sure that they’re prepared correctly. If somebody orders a burger with a certain type of cheese, make sure that it does have that cheese on it. Learn how to tell how a steak is cooked by looking at.  You don’t want to deliver a well-done steak to your customer ordered medium rare.
  5. With a large party it is important to keep track of who ordered what. You don’t want to be interrupting them to deliver their orders. The more the party gets going the more you want to fade into the background while still being attentive to their needs.
  6. Every table requires a different level of service. A couple celebrating their anniversary may want more quiet time and less interaction with the wait staff. But a table of women celebrating a birthday or bachelorette party will require more interaction because there will probably be frequent drink orders.  Be able to adjust to the people that you’re serving.
  7. Always treat your guests well regardless of how they appear. The person could be a very wealthy person but dressed comfortably in old jeans and a T-shirt. Don’t make assumptions about people based upon how they appear.
  8. Show your customers how to save money on the menu. If they are ordering separate items, show them a way that they can get those items for a lesser price.
  9. Always double check the final bill before bringing it to the table. It is extremely frustrating for the guests if they had been overcharged or find incorrect items included on the bill. Also, if the bill doesn’t include something they ordered and got, you want to make sure you don’t shortchange yourself to make sure that the missing item is included on the bill.
  10. Be friendly to your customers until they leave the building. There is nothing more annoying than when a customer leaves a large tip, then as they are leaving they walk right by the waiter/waitress and they don’t even acknowledge they exist. It’s is that special touch to reach out and say Thank you! One more time.

Good Luck.  If you are interested in finding out how to guarantee you get smaller tips or get stiffed checkout our article title “6 Ways to Reduce your tips”