Making YOU the expert in finding the perfect night out

This will make you an expert on finding the perfect night out for you and your friends whenever. Even if it is a last minute decision to go out, you’ll always know where the perfect place is with the best deals.

I always find my pals looking to me as the decision maker on “what we should do” at that moment. The pressure they weigh on my shoulders–seconds feeling like minutes. I would be flipping through restaurant websites link after link, Facebook after Facebook, twitter after… you get the picture. Then… I would forget where something that looked interesting was because I flipped past it to see what else was going on.

Finally I found a place for us to be! The description sounded amazing and we were excited to go. All stoked for our spontaneous night out! We get there and… no one is there, or the event was canceled, etc. So now I’m back at square one looking for a new place. By now, I’ve probably spent a total of 45 minutes just looking for places.

This causes a lot of disappointing nights out for groups, but this is no longer a problem anymore. The solution is After 5 Specials. A web app, iOS app, and Android app to list all your local vicinity’s food, drink, and entertainment specials. It is one of a kind, a must have app. The 45 minutes looking for a place to be will now only take you 2 minutes. No more flipping through websites, social media, news, etc. Everything is listed on one page for your area and at that EXACT moment.

Downloading this app on your mobile device to save time and money!