• Custom
    Technology solutions that solve real business problems
    Whether it is address a unique business process or a security requirement we build
    solutions that have high ROI and create happy users.
  • Responsive
    Access our services and solutions easily from any mobile device.
  • Business
    Advanced award winning solutions to meet your every business need.
    Specializing in industry expertise. We will advise you through business strategy, problem solving,
    and planning helping your business identify the next big step, achieving greater heights.
  • Search Engine
    Providing your business the recognition of the world.
  • Solutions

    Inventors of award winning products and solutions addressing specific business needs that result in improved productivity, better customer service or faster sales. Specializing in strategic problem solving with specific industry expertise that creates solutions for success.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Your website has to be good, but also able to be seen via mobile devices, where half of the traffic can come from. We are experts in creating web based applications to create astounding web sites compatible with any computer and mobile device.

  • Advisory Services

    Whether enterprise or start up companies, we specialize in business planning and strategic direction services. If you are not planning for the next wave of external forces that will impact your company we will help you prepare for it and take advantage of that opportunity.

  • Notes/Domino

    Our Notes and Domino Development and Administrative services are ready to help you leverage your investment, maximize your Return on Investment and improve productivity. Mail migrations are common and need to be done with developer and netowrk experience.

  • Network Services

    Full service outsourcing of both desktop and network applications, an outsourced IT department. In addition, we are a Value Added Reseller of thousands of hardware and software products to get your the best price for your company.

Our Missionis about you and meeting your needs. The drive that keeps us successful is making you and your business succeed.


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Creative TeamWe work with you and your business to succeed by making life simpler, easier, and more efficient.


David Kolakowski, CPAPresident/CEO, Chief Inventor

David has been developing award winning applications for over 15 years. The systems architecture is based on his strong background in finance and business operations. His expertise involves creating virtual applications, structures, and interfaces to create solutions for clients and users making their everyday business or personal technological and business processes simpler and more efficient.


Philip St. Jacques, CFEVP Marketing

Philip is responsible for marketing and branding of our clients products and websites, as well as developing an online marketing and public relations strategy for success. Whether it is simply creating a logo and brand to maximize effectiveness or to create an entire marketing strategy, Philip's extensive experience in Branding and Digital Marketing and Media relations assures our clients get the best resource for their project.


Sarah SebreeWeb Content Creator

Sarah specializes in planning, creating, editing content for the web. One of the keys of a successful SEO Strategy is frequent relevant content published and posted to Social media outlets. Sarah creates this content for our clients and manage the social media activity to maximize the search engine exposure for our clients.


Open PositionPHP Developer

Kolaco's mobile applications require a wide range of skills. Currently we need a new php developer to join our team to work making more award winning applications. If you have 3+ years of development experience and a drive to change the world, step one is to complete the contact us form below. Could this be your next position?


Davis JacobUX Designer & UI Specialist

Davis creates and implements creative visual elements that users see and interact within a web application using his expertise in graphics and web design programs and web programming, including javascript and Jquery/Bootstrap. Building a site that conveys your message in an intriguing manner creates stickiness and ultimately results in new customers.

We have great experience in...Keeping your company running at the highest potential today's technology can bring you

Photoshop Dreamweaver Business Technology Design


Businesses need to focus on doing what they do well and constantly improving on it. Technology is key in the improving the top line and the bottom line, but strategic awareness of what lies outside the borders that can disrupt your business requires constant monitor of the trends and adjusting the Corporate direction as needed. Kolaco can help you identify these outside pressures on yoru organization, so you can take advantage of the new opportunities, instead of becoming a victim to them.


There are two types of Companies; those that use technology to keep up with the competition and those that use technology to get a leg up on their competition. We design systems that improve employee proctivity, reduce operating costs and ultimately improve the bottom line. This improved profitibility can be turned into R&D to put more distance between you and the competition.


Creative design services is more than just a cool logo, it is an interactive web design that correlates with on line and hard copy materials. We make sure your Tradeshow booth matches your website, and brochures, business cards, etc. It is comprehensive approach to branding and marketing.

Fully Responsive Systems

We provide comprehensive website design and development services for small to large-sized businesses. We build everything from responsive website designs for brand awareness to data-driven Web-based and ecommmerce systems. Today, over half of web page visits come from mobile and hand held devices. Your site needs to be able to be responsive, especially if you are conducting commerce.

Products & SolutionsProviding you with top of the line products and services. Innovation at its brightest.

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